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Tech Support One-Off Services

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Parental Controls Setup

We can help to keep your kids safe online. Parental controls can help filter the web, blocking inadvertent access to inappropriate websites.
We can guide you in parental control setup process by

  • Set up kids accounts on your PC where you can control what time a user account can log into the computer and what programs it can use
  • Set up web filtering programs, which block access to specific websites and content

Software Installation

We can guide you in installing any software that you have purchased and are facing issues in installing on your computer.

Our technicians can advise and install other free/trial software for you too.
Note this does not include operating system installation.

System Setup

If you are facing any issues, need help or have questions on the set up of your new system, call us for free. Our technicians can connect remotely to your machine and help you set up setting up your user accounts, software updates, internet security settings.
We will make sure your system is set up to receive the latest software updates and are happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Data Transfer/Backup

Losing data because of a computer problem or a hard disk crash is a big inconvenience. Your photos, music and important documents can be easily deleted by mistake.
Data backup can help you in these situations. We can guide you to transfer/backup data not only to external storage devices, but also to online storage solutions like cloud based services.

Our friendly tech buddies can help you by setting up automatic back-up of key data on your desktop or laptop on cloud services. We will guide you at each step, right from setting up an account on these services, installing them on your machine and setting up data backup settings.